Real Money Online Offline Games And Start Your Poker Journey

Online poker is the online game of cards played for money over the internet. Well, poker was played in famous casinos and poker rooms but now it is also available over the internet. It was first played in the late 1990s in the form of IRC poker. Planet poker was the first online card place to offer real cash. Poker could be played with 2 to 7 players. The things required to play online poker are above 18, account on any online สมัครบาคาร่า site, bank account, and also need some money to play, PC or laptop, stable, and fast internet connection.

Steps of Play Poker

  • Now, two cards distributed to each player i.e. hole cards. Distribution begins from the small blind (SB) and then the first เกมส์ออไลน์ได้เงินจริงround starts called “pre-flop round”. All players decide to see hole cards that they want to play or not except small blind and big blind. So, the first turn comes to the left side of the big blind called ‘under the gun’ and it has four options i) Call- Their amount to big blind amount ii) Raise- bet more amount than BB. iii) All in- bet all chips. iv) Fold- not to play. All players follow the same rule and when betting amount got the same then this round will be finished.

  • Then, the second round called “the flop” in which the dealer opens three cards on the table and could be used by players to form a combination of five cards include hole cards.
  • The third round of game “post-flop” start in which participant has four option that is check, bet, fold, raise; if any of the participant checks then no other player could check aftermath chips goes under the pot and now dealer reveals the fourth card that is ‘the turn’ and starts of post-turn betting round, all player check, bet, raise, fold and round over again all chips put under the pot. The dealer reveals the fifth card ‘the river’ and the final betting round begins and again all can do raise, all in, call, fold the round finish and chips collect into the pot and now all-round of betting finish up. Eventually, participant reveals their cards and the player with high ranking poker hand declare as the winner.


As the above mention, the steps of the game, need awe-inspiring prowess to step up your game. Sometimes, in the willingness of more money, players gambling and could not know they are going into deep collusion. Novice needs to be extra aware of their game and take it just like the game. In the COVID-19 lockdown has developed escalation in online poker traffic due to restriction of all sports and entertainment.